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Why You Should Choose Us For Representing Your Case?

Why You Should Choose Us For Representing Your Case?

GiveMeDivorce.Com (Delhi) is founded by Suresh Gupta, with the intention of providing in-depth information to the readers on everything about divorce related laws in India. In this website, we have tried our best to provide awareness on all different topics on divorce, family, and custody laws. (more…)

Our Moto

The mission and moto of GiveMeDivorce is to provide our clients with the best possible solutions, in order to make the entire New Delhi based divorce procedures as painless as possible. We try all the possibilities to help our valued clients in getting the best justice, depending upon the merits and circumstances of the case.

We fight for you

We at GiveMeDivorce fully understand the mental trauma that our clients go through during their divorce all over Delhi NCR. Our advocates have the experience of fully understanding the situations of our clients. They make all the attempts to make you feel as comfortable as possible. At the same time, we will fight your case with full enthusiasm and vigour. Our track record speaks volumes about how we can efficiently help you in getting the best outcome on your case too. We will fight for YOU all the way! You can rely on us to get justice on your divorce cases.

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Steps To Win

All the lawyers associated with GiveMeDivorce have a lot of experience in helping the clients win the cases, or at least in finding the best solutions in their favour. Be it a divorce petition, child custody, property dispute, or transferring the divorce petition to the supreme court, our Delhi lawyers will inform you about each and every steps that are needed, in order to win the case in your favour. We have a good rapport in the court circles, which is why you can be assured of getting a positive response by contacting any of our lawyers. Our expert lawyers make the right approach as per the merits of each case, and plan different steps to win the case in favour of our clients. They will also explain all the steps to the clients, so that they will know exactly what to do, and how to do, in the court of law.

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Following are the areas of practice by the lawyers associated with GiveMeDivorce:

  • Handling the proceedings of divorce cases
  • Divorce petitions on contested divorces
  • Arbitration and settlements, to arrive at divorce by mutual consent
  • Arbitration and negotiations with other family members and relatives
  • Representing the clients on child custody matters
  • Dowry harassment cases
  • Sexual harassment
  • Property settlement after divorce
  • Maintenance expense matter for wife and child after divorce
  • Domestic violence and related criminal cases
  • Guardianship cases and child custody matters
In addition to the above mentioned regular practices, we also offer many other services related to family and personal laws:
  • Child adoption
  • Official changing of religion
  • Marriages according to other personal laws like the Muslim marriage act
  • Inheritance and succession
  • Power of attorney
  • Settlements in matrimonial cases
  • Permanent alimony
  • Compensations and interim maintenance
  • Judicial separation



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Kriti Ahuja
Kriti Ahuja
I am indebted to GiveMeDivorce for helping me find the right lawyer to represent my divorce case. It has saved me a great deal of time and money, as the lawyer had successfully helped me in transferring the case to my currently residing town.

Meet Our Attorneys

When you choose GiveMeDivorce.Com for your legal needs, you get to choose the services of eminent lawyers with good experience and networks. We understand that divorce can be painful to everyone who are involved. Even the family members and children will get affected by the decision. Our lawyers work towards making the entire episode as painless as possible to our clients. They will guide you on each and every step, in order to find the best solutions within the framework of law. We set high practice standards that are totally ethical and fair. Even though our lawyers can efficiently represent contested divorce petitions, they will also try their best to expedite the matter by helping our clients in getting divorce through mutual consent. They will do all the arbitrations and negotiations needed, in order to ensure justice to our clients in the least possible time.
Suresh Gupta
Suresh Gupta
Mo: 9354237962 Suresh Gupta is a student of law, with a promising career ahead of him. However, he has been actively wo...
Tushar Pahwa
Tushar Pahwa
Mo: 9992550129 Tushar Pahwa has the experience of more than 10 years as an advocate and legal consultant. He is current...
Vijay Shankar Gandhi
Vijay Shankar Gandhi
Mo: 9818766184 Vijay Shankar Gandhi is another experienced lawyers associated with GiveMeDivorce.Com. He has more than ...


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