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Suresh Gupta is a student of law, with a promising career ahead of him. However, he has been actively working in different courts with successful lawyers, who have more than 10 years of experience.

He started GiveMeDivorce to create an helpful platform for people who are looking for legal assistance and consultancy on all different aspects related to divorce, child custodies, and other matrimonial issues. He knows how exactly the courts in India work, and also about the different obstacles that can lead to slowing down of progress of cases in the courts.

As a person, he is very approachable, and you can get in touch with him to discuss on any matrimonial issues and divorce cases. He has good connections in the court circles, and can help you in getting the best legal assistance for the most affordable costs.

Even the advocates are welcome to discuss with him about how they can showcase and market their legal services in the GiveMeDivorce platform. It will help them in reaching out to more and more potential clients.